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Tips To Become A Woman Entrepreneur


Introduction: Woman Entrepreneur

In today’s era of urbanization and rapid digitalization, women are coming forward, achieving and setting new milestones for entire industries. Entrepreneurship isn’t a task for the soft-hearted. Whoever attempts their hand at being an entrepreneur, has to overcome mountains of hurdles, one of the greatest hurdles being learning and developing a new skill set to navigate the hurdle-ridden route of an entrepreneur. However, the challenges you may face might be completely different from the hurdles others may face and a host of other factors are specific to women and do not affect men. 

Addressing the elephant in the room, I write this blog with a fully functional Y chromosome which I use to the best of my abilities to navigate through various obstacles and hurdles. I am also not unaware of the irony here, a man charting and paving the way for women, but in my perception…this is a small role in my limited ability to fight the gender gap; understanding that both the genomes have different insights including how both of the genomes perceive each other to be, however, I also believe that sharing perspectives and insights will only contribute to mutual future success. 

Being a legal intern and a content writer, I have experienced working with exceptional and outstanding women, the ray of sunshine, illuminating the entire area all by themselves kind. I write this blog, respecting my girlfriend and the amazing group of women I have had the opportunity to work with. I hope these little insights will encourage you to pursue your dreams and start a new venture.

  • Having A Firm And Clear Mission 

The very important step in order to become an entrepreneur is that you have a very clear reason as to why you want to start a business, it can be anything “I want to run my own business” or “I want to inspire people and help them”. My reason is the latter. I dream of a 12-car garage with all of the spaces filled with exclusive cars. As I daydream about my perfect life… let’s move on to the next big step. 

  • Having Faith In Yourself 

Having self-belief and faith in your worthy of success self is very crucial if not, the most crucial part in achieving success in any business. The law of the business land says if you do not have faith in yourself, you cannot expect others to believe in your idea of business or your idea of perfection which would result in nobody being ready to invest in your business. 

  • Embracing Failure

It does not matter if you are a woman or a man, rules to achieve success should always be followed religiously. That being said, the only rule is learning through failure, embracing it, getting back up, grinding, and hustling again. We as entrepreneurs should welcome and accept failure in order to learn from our mistakes and enjoy the fruits at a later date while we sit on a nice couch watching a beautiful sunset. Or a sunset? Are you a sunset or a sunrise kind of person? 

  • Changing Perception

You should follow men and be in their shadows! I’m kidding. The jokes on you, you got riled up, didn’t you? Heh

Business success will be determined based on how the entrepreneur thinks, their thinking pattern, their ideology, and their vision for the future of the business. The right mindset and hustle for your end goal will help you approach success, one way or another. Nobody has to consider themselves to be weak. If you have any logistical issues or any issue regarding anything, work your way around it, find new ways, and pave a new path. While you go through with this humongous task, there is a chance your perception would change quite a lot but it is important to leave your comfort zone, mitigate the situation and create and sure-shot success path for yourself even if it means you have to construct the road, yourself. 

  • Acquiring Essential Business Skill

Every entrepreneur is not born great, some transcend into the domain of greatness through sheer hard work and developing new skills, and honing the old ones. If you do not come from a family which has a history of business or which runs a business, chances are, you have to develop your skill set. Remember! A successful entrepreneur is someone who can develop essential skills on the fly! Every experience could be a learning experience. 

  • Using Your Time Wisely

The constraint of time is indeed a very major problem faced by most women entrepreneurs since you have to cook and take care of the kids and then deal with your job and the office. However, if you are able to solve your issue regarding time, and learn about the business you are interested instead of diving head first and not doing proper research will lead you to be able to tackle a major portion of hurdles and challenges. 

  • Understanding Your Business

You need to acknowledge and understand how much you know about your business if it’s just a spur-of-moment thing or if you are actually passionate about your business and will be able to put all of your effort into this business and the concerned industry. You should understand the fundamentals of your area of business and industry. 

If you feel like you don’t have the knowledge required to start your business, do your due diligence and conduct proper research, the kind of research you put in when you have to find out that one thing that seems impossible to get. 


One should avoid venturing into any industry or business just because they felt motivated by the success stories of others. Being a woman who owns and runs an independent business is going to be a very fundamentally unique experience. I along with you and many more like us can feel the need for a stronger female business influencer across every iteration of the business world, given today’s world scenarios, the market is open for a lot of opportunities to be seized. I hope to see blog posts like this become much less relevant in the near future. Godspeed, Woman!

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