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MES Contractors Enlistment Rules


Overview: Military Engineer Services

We are living in a country which is surrounded by two different enemy countries and behave a war history between both of the countries. In such conditions, the role of the army becomes more crucial and important for the country. The army is not all about its soldiers, it is also about the infrastructure of the nation. A good infrastructure is important for all armies, navies, and air forces. For the Indian army, navy, and force, the military engineering service is responsible for building any type of military infrastructure for the country. Military engineer services (MES) is one of the biggest construction organizations governed by the Indian government. This construction organization provides a good infrastructural cover to the Army, Navy, and Air force. They are working in different units and subunits across the country. 

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This huge construction organization works under the Engineer-in-chief who is normally an army officer of lieutenant general (3 collar star rank). This is commanded under the chief engineers unit and it is co-located under the operational army commands, Additional Director Generals at Pune and Secunderabad. Zonal Chief Engineers of 31 MES zones also assist the Engineer-in-Chief. Military engineering services in a government agency that provide work cover almost 450 stations across the nation. They have to work in peace and forward areas. MES (military engineering services) in an engineering unit of the ministry of defense. 

The military engineering services also undertake the civil work of defense research and development organizations and also for the Indian coast guard and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KV association) and other government agencies and organizations. The chief commander of military engineering services (Engineer-in-chief) also plays the role of an adviser to the ministry of defense. Military engineering services work under the supervision of officers and staff consisting of civilians and combatants from the army engineering corps. military engineering services organizations have a huge multi-disciplinary team of civil engineers, architects, electricians, mechanical engineers, structural designers,  quality supervisors,s and contract specialists also for designing and planning, and supervising the work of the military engineering services. 

Military engineering services have specialized units for different civil works, ranging from conventional factories and buildings to making a helpful and sophisticated environment for all the armed forces. They have developed different types of laboratories, marine works, jetties, dockyards, wharves, workshops, slipways, airfields, roads, etc. military engineering services also provide work cover and sophisticated infrastructural services like air-conditioning, storage facilities, and water supply facilities. They also work to develop sewage treatment plants and lights. Construction cranes etc. for all the different defense armed forces. 

Contractor Enlistment for MES

Military engineering services cannot develop the whole infrastructure on their own. They also need the help of different private organizations like builders, contractors, etc. every private organization or individual who wants to do tender work of military engineer services(MES) then that organization or individual has to go through the enlistment process of military engineer services. All the contractors who are eligible for the enlistment process of military engineer services can register themselves once in five years. The contractor can also contact any of the CWE/CEs to finish the enlistment process. 

Documents Required for MES Vendor Registration:

  • Applicant must have Proof of Date of Commencement of Business like MOA (memorandum of association, AOA (article of association), COI (certificate of incorporation and Partnership Deed.
  • If a contractor wants to register himself for the contractor enlistment then he must have at least 2 work orders (PO) and those work orders must have a higher value (Completion Should Not be Older than 5 Years from getting registered for MES). (Work contract agreement with BOQ, completion certificate, Final Bill, TDS deduction details (26AS), and certificate if any.)
  • Applicant must have the KYC documents of the company like Pan Card, Adhere card, Photo of Directors/partners or proprietor as per the registration.
  • Applicant has to submit the Board Resolution signed by all the directors of the organization and Authorisation letter as per the registration.
  • Charted accountant of the organization also of submitting the CA Certificate about the turnover of at least last two years.
  • Another major document is the Bank Solvency certificate applicable to the class of the organization.
  • Applicant must have shown the working capital of the organization.
  • Total movable and immovable assets details of the organization, all those assets should be free of discrepancies and should not be mortgaged, the current market value of the property ( that should be by name of the company only, 80 % of minimum reserve/assets shall be in the shape of immovable property)
  • Organizations must have their GST Certificate which they can obtain from the GST portal
  • T/P information of the organization.

MES Tender Online Registration Process

  • If an organization or an individual wants to register themselves For MES registration then they have to login on to  Or
  • After visiting the website mentioned above you have to fill up the MES enlistment application form.
  • You must have a valid email id and mobile number for MES registration.
  • You must have all the scanned required documents which I have mentioned above. All those scanned documents should be in jpeg/jpg format. The size of the colored photograph for the MES vendor registration form should not be more than 20-25 KB.
  • After visiting the MES website you will find a section called 'Announcement'. Fill up the required details after tapping on it.
  • After the completion of registration, you will get a Registration number and password which will be sent to your mail and mobile number.
  • You have to fill in the information such as the post to be applied, post preference, personal
  • and family details, Educational details, Correspondence address, Permanent address, etc.
  • Fill up the details of education qualification
  • Carefully check all the details before submitting the form.
  • You can pay the fee with a Debit card/Credit Card/Net Banking/BHIM APP/Paytm Wallet.
  • You upload the pictures, and signature after making the payment. 
  • You can print the registration form after completing your registration.

Categories of MES Registration

Majorly, there are two different Categories of Works for Registration Contractors will be enlisted for one or more of the following categories of works for which they are considered suitable for the military engineer services standards: 

Civil Engineering Works

  • Building and Roads 
  • Water Supply and Sewage Disposal 
  • Runways and Pavements 
  • Marine and Harbour Works 

Electrical Engineering Works 

  • Low Tension Electric Works (up to 1100 Volts) 
  • (Electrical) High Tension Electric Works (exception of 33 KV) 
  • 33 kilowatt and Extra High energy Voltage Installations of MES. 

Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Services 

  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 
  • Lifts 
  • Electrically Operated Cranes 
  • Incinerators 
  • Mechanical Laundry 
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Detection System 
  • Water and Effluent Treatment 


  • Manufacture of Furniture 
  • Handling of Engineer Stores and Transport 
  • Horticulture and Landscaping 
  • Information Technology Services 
  • Maintenance and Operation of E/M Installation 
  • Repair of Transport Vehicles 
  • Energy Audit Services 
  • Auction Services

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