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High-Security Registration Plate Online Apply - HSRP Registration



Are your vehicles really safe? Wondering how can we ensure whether they are actually safe?
High-Security Registration plates ensure safety with their special locking mechanism. Which makes it difficult to replace the number plate. It is made mandatory by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for all vehicles to secure a High-security registration plate, If you don't have an HSNP number plate, it shall cost you Rs. 5000 to Rs 10000 fine by RTO or traffic police. These plates are made of aluminium and are fixed on the vehicle using a minimum of two non-reusable snap-on locks. It consists of a hot-stamped film used on numerals and alphabets with “INDIA '' inscribed at a 45-degree angle. HSRP is really helpful to catch, hold and get information on stolen vehicles through their registration number plate.

The fuel stickers help in identifying vehicles based on their fuel type. A  number plate is issued by the Regional Transport Office of the respective state In India, the 8 different types of number plates are White number plates, Yellow number plates, green number plates, red number plates, blue number plates, black number plates, number plates with an upward pointing arrow and red number plate with the emblem of India.

Different types of number plates and their meaning 

  • White number plates - They are the most common number plates and are used solely for private purposes. They are used for transporting goods and ferrying passengers. 
  • Yellow number plates - They come with a black text pattern and are used for commercial purposes only. 
  • Green number plates - They are specifically for electric cars. They are used for commercial electric vehicles.
  • Black number plates - They are popularly used as luxury hotel transport. They can be used as commercial vehicles running on roads without the requirement of drivers to have commercial driving permits. 
  • Red number plates - It is to symbolize a brand new car having a temporary vehicle registration plate and yet getting a permanent one. Rules for temporary vehicle registration plates differ from state to state. 
  • Blue number plates - It is a number plate with white letters issued by the respective authority to a vehicle reserved for foreign diplomates. 
  • Number plate with upward-pointing arrow - Plates attached to the vehicle should have a unique style. The number on these plates should be registered under the Ministry of Defense. 
  • Red number plate with the emblem of India - This number plate comes with an emblem of India branded in golden colour. 

Who needs this number plate?

All vehicle owners need to have an HSRP fixed maximum by 2022.  After 2019, the number plates sold are already HSRP so if anybody gets a number plate before 2019, he/ she needs to get it changed.

Benefits of HSRP number plates 

  • Getting HSRP is a mandate. The benefits of HSRP number plates are as follows: 
  • The number plates that were available before April 2019 could be altered and taken off easily. That would aid in stealing. Thieves could easily change registration numbers once stolen making it impossible for the vehicle to be traced. 
  • HSRP number plates come with a non-removable snap-on lock that cannot be reused and replaced. 
  • They are installed by RTO and selected private vendors approved by state authorities These plates are only issued once the vehicle owner provides information like engine number, chassis number as well as registration number.
  • One other advantage would be that it would be easy to collect essential information and store it in the central database. 
  • Earlier installed plates came with different styles and fonts customized by vehicle owners. Because of this, it became difficult for traffic police personnel to read a vehicle’s registration number especially when the vehicle was driven. With HSRP, it became easy to recognize the fonts.

What is the procedure to apply for HSRP online?

Vehicle owners can choose any authorized service centre, place, and date for affixing HSRP. Only HSRP vendors authorized by vehicle manufacturers shall supply the number plates to their authorized dealers. Vehicles registered in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh can opt for home delivery by clicking on the website and filling in their vehicle details and shipping address. 
The website gives you the ease to book your plates online, select a fitment location and book an appointment. Currently, it is functional only in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. Payments can be made online for HSRPs through authorized dealerships, and also through cash. If by mistake you lose the plate, it can be ordered in pairs, and not just that states making HRSPs mandatory, and the repercussions shall be a fine up to Rs 5,500.
There are some new changes introduced in the HSRP UP Application Process. The process to book High-Security Number Plates has been made easy now.

Here is a step-by-step procedure for HSRP registration:-

  • Step 1: Visit the government-authorized registration portal 
  • Step 2: Fill in the details such as vehicle number, address, mobile number, vehicle type, etc Select Transport or non-transport. If it's a personal vehicle, select the option “Non-transport“.
  • Step 3:  Submit the form and you shall receive a username and password on your registered mobile number. 
  • Step 4: Log in with the assigned username and password and then the payment receipt shall be generated. 
  • Step 5: Once the vehicle’s HSRP number is ready, you shall receive a notification on your registered mobile number.

Here is a list of changes in the HSRP Application Process in the UP state 

  • Once the customer enters the vehicle number the application fetches the data.
  • Customers need to enter only the last five digits while booking HSRP. In case there is a mismatch, customers can upload photographs of RC and front and rear number plates. 
  • Since Nov 14, the company has received 3.8 lakh orders for HSRP and 1.90 for colour-coded stickers. There is an increase in the number of dealerships where customers can take appointments and get HSRP and colour-coded stickers affixed,
  • There is a new application introduced by the company where once the plate is dispatched from the centre, an SMS goes to the customer and dealer informing them that the plate is on the way to its designated address. 
  • The rider-fitters will have to enter photographs into the app assuring that affixation is done and an SMS shall be sent to the dealer and vehicle owner regarding the same.
  • The company has launched separate helpline numbers and email addresses for any sort of grievances and general inquiries.

Features of HSRP plates

  • The HSRP is only made of aluminium and is available with non-reusable security locks that are too tamper-proof. Once the locks are broken, one needs to purchase a new one from an authorized retailer only.
  • The number plate comes with. Chromium-based Ashoka Chakra on the left.
  • The PIN is laser encoded so that scanning can be done easily and it becomes temper-proof. 
  • Fonts and styles remain the same.


When the owner is applying for a high-security registration plate, he won't be asked to upload any personal document on an official government site. But Registration Certificate details of your vehicles shall be needed. It shall help you to provide details like registration number, date of registration, engine number etc.

Fee For High-Security Registration

The fee for the registration differs from state to state but on average around 400rs shall be charged for 2-wheelers and around 1100 rs for four-wheelers. 

Fine Imposed

If in Delhi, any vehicle is found without a High-Security Number Plate, the person shall have to pay a fine of 5,000. Strict action shall be taken against dealers supplying unregistered vehicles. 


In this article, we talked about High-Security Number Plates. This number plate is required for cars purchased before 2019. There are various benefits of HSNP.  This article talks about the one who requires this number plate and the benefits of this number plate. The HSNP can be applied online.

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