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What Is A Zero-Based Budget? Does It Drive The Growth Of Your Business?
by Shamshad Alam on 2023-03-17

A Zero-Based Budget can be considered an open-minded cost management strategy with the ultimate goal to improve cost efficiency on a continuous basis.

Soon a Ban On E-Pharmacy Applications? Here is Why
by Shamshad Alam on 2023-03-16

How good it feels when with just a few clicks, you get all the medicines you need, that too at your doorsteps

Project Vayu Amrit | What is it and How it Operates
by Shamshad Alam on 2023-03-16

One of its kind crop residue management initiatives, the project Vayu Amrit aims to eliminate the practice of burning stubble and control its adverse effects on the environment and human health.

The Lithium Discovered In Jammu Could Support Indias Environmental Goals And Reduce Its Reliance On China
by Shamshad Alam on 2023-02-25

India's recent discovery of lithium reserves in the Ladakh region could potentially transform the country's energy landscape by providing a domestic source of this vital mineral.

All You Need To Know About The Union Budget 2023-24
by Fatima Baig on 2023-02-08

The Finance Minister of India, Nirmala Sitharaman on the 1st of February, 2023 released the budget details for the year 2023-24. As per Article 112 of the Indian Constitution, provisions relating to the Annual Budget in India is laid down.

How to Generate E way Bill? | Create E way Bills on Eway Bill Portal
by Shamshad Alam on 2023-02-01

An e-Way bill is an electronically generated document that is required for the transportation of goods worth more than INR 50,000 within India.