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How to manage radio-active wastes as per Atomic Energy Act, 1962 (33 of 1962) and rules made there under
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-09-22

The main objective of the Atomic Energy Act of 1962 was to promote the development of nuclear energy and provide training to scientists for conducting extensive research for the benefit of the nation.

How Improper E-Waste Disposal Affects Human Health and the Environment?
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-09-20

The sands of time are running out if you do not unmask the dangers associated with improper e-waste disposal while delving into the solutions that might be useful to us.

How to Manage CPCB EPR Plastic Penalties/notices
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-09-20

CPCB EPR Penalty for Plastic Waste is served to those who do not comply with the waste management rules and notices are served for mismanagement of plastic waste or non-compliance with the obligations incurred onto the producers of plastic waste.

Transforming Sustainability: Exploring ESG Through Blockchain Technology
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-09-12

ESG assurance is a commitment and crucial in ensuring blockchain technology complements sustainable goals and ethical practices. It conducts assessments or audits and unleashes the accuracy and reliability of the data stored with the blockchain by complying with ESG standards.

How to Import Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET or Single-Use Plastics) Flakes or PET Waste in India
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-09-05

Let’s dive deep into the comprehensive blog and understand the requirements and process of how to import Polyethylene Terephthalate, single-use plastic flakes and waste in India.

Compulsory E-Waste Recycler Registration on CPCB Online Portal
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-08-26

The e-waste recyclers are bound to get the CPCB Registration before performing the waste management activities under the E-Waste Management Rules.