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How to Start Solar Panel Manufacturing Company in India
by Vinay Singh on 2021-10-29

Solar energy is the ultimate and free source of clean energy on the planet Earth which has been in existence since the very beginning of the universe.

Scrap Business in India: Ideas and Profit Margin
by Dheeraj Budhori on 2021-10-28

The scrap metal business is booming in India but is still an unexplored business field. A number of people are making a lot of money by buying scrap metals from the market and selling it back at a profitable price.

Can waste PPE kits be recycled - Corpseed.jpg
Can Waste PPE kits Be Recycled?
by Vinay Singh on 2021-08-08

Practices related to disposal of the PPE kits have been very well laid down by the World health organization and also remarked by the National center for disease control.

Plastic Recycling To Fuel Plant Setup - Fuel Production - Corpseed.jpg
Plastic Recycling To Fuel Plant Setup: Fuel Production
by Dheeraj Budhori on 2021-08-08

Plastic accumulation in the environment and its related use is growing at a tremendous rate. Owing to its versatile quality of being cheap and easily accessible plastic has found a niche in the daily needs of humans.

Understanding Plastic and Its Recycling Methods - Corpseed.jpg
Understanding Plastic and Its Recycling Methods
by Vipan Singh on 2021-08-08

To trace out the factor that how plastic recycling was carried out historically it can be said that it was done by companies involved in manufacturing.

New technology to set up a recycling plant in a day - Corpseed.jpg
New Technology to Set Up a Recycling Plant in a Day!
by Vinay Singh on 2021-08-08

Waste is generated at an alarming rate on daily basis globally. The waste that is discharged of is a mixture of organic and non-organic constituents.