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12-A Registration Process: Everything You Need to Know
by Shamshad Alam on 2021-10-20

The Income Tax Department grants 12A registration to trusts and other organizations(non-profit), which is a one-time registration. The registration objective is to be free from paying income tax.

Correlation of NGOs and Sources of Funding - Corpseed.jpg
Correlation of NGOs and Sources of Funding
by Shamshad Alam on 2021-08-08

The operation of a NGO is largely dependent on the existence of numerous sources that provide it with funding. All the aligned goals of the NGO are duly executed by utilizing these sources.

Why should one resort to running an NGO in India - Corpseed.jpg
Why Should One Resort to Running an NGO in India?
by Vinay Singh on 2021-08-08

NGO is the short form for non-governmental organization. This concept gained momentum in the later years of independence in India, with main transformation as witnessed around the year 1970s.

What is the Difference Between NGO And Trust-corpseed.png
What is the Difference Between NGO And Trust
by Vinay Singh on 2021-08-08

NGO means Non-legislative Organization while trust is simply the word trust. NGOs are liable for the advancement of specific causes whether

How to Registration of Society - Corpseed.png
How to Registration of Society | Charitable Trust
by Vinay Singh on 2021-08-07

The Indian Societies Registration Act of 1860 was enacted under the British Raj in India, but is essentially still effective in India today. It provides the registration of literary, scientific and charitable societies.

Registration of NGO.png
Registration of NGO
by Shamshad Alam on 2021-08-07

According to the Non-profit Organization Act 71 of 1997, NGOs fall under the category of a non-profit organization. This means that, unlike a business, an NGO shouldn’t have as its basis the motive to form profit.