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How To Download GST Certificate Online?
by Tanya Sharma on 2024-05-13

A Goods & Services Tax certificate acts as proof that a business is registered under India's Goods and Services Tax system.

Patta Chitta TN - Process to Apply, Documents Required, Fee, Land Record
by Pragya Shukla on 2024-02-19

In Tamil Nadu, the Patta Chitta framework is vital for land proprietorship and paying the executives. It is additionally vital for property exchanges and government-related techniques.

Lifting of Corporate Veil under the Companies Act 2013
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-08-24

There also arise some cases where business owners try to misuse this concept of lifting of corporate veil and perform fraudulent acts in the name of the company to earn personal profit.

Quashing of FIR
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-08-22

In such cases, the aggrieved party has the option to quash the FIR based on valid grounds which are mentioned below. This is called the Quashing of FIR which means to declare the FIR as invalid.

Recover Money Faster by Drafting a Cheque Bounce Case Notice
by Shamshad Alam on 2023-06-01

When a bank refuses to accept or draw a cheque, it is called a cheque bounce. A variety of factors can affect its validity, such as its expiration date or a discrepancy regarding the cheque's issuance.

Difference Between Memorandum Of Association and Articles Of Association
by Shamshad Alam on 2023-05-31

A Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association are the documents that dictate the formation and operations of a firm. A Memorandum of Association or MoA, contains fundamental information about the company.