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How to Start a Cotton Export Business In India?
by Tanya Sharma on 2024-06-15

India is a global producer and exporter of cotton globally, solidifying its significant role in the cotton export market. India's cotton export sector is vital to the nation's economy by creating job prospects and producing revenue through foreign exchange.

ISI Registration for PVC Pipes IS 4985:2000
by Shamshad Alam on 2024-06-14

It's the white plastic pipe that's often utilized in plumbing and drainage systems. PVC is an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride, and it has become a popular alternative to metal pipe.

ISI Registration for Polyethylene Pipe IS 4984:2016
by Shamshad Alam on 2024-06-14

PE polyethylene pipe is classified into several categories, including water supply pipe, gas pipe, mining pipe, sewage pipe, and non-excavation cross pipe threading pipe.

ISI Registration for Rotational Moulded Polyethylene Water Storage Tanks IS 3536:2016
by Shamshad Alam on 2024-06-13

During rotation, the raw material polyethylene is heated, gradually changing the powder within the mould into plastic that clings to the walls, finally producing a water tank.

ISI Registration for Regenerative Turbine Pump IS 11346:2002
by Shamshad Alam on 2024-06-13

The peripheral pump is a centrifugal pump with an impeller that revolves in a concentric channel (alternative term: regenerative turbine pump).

ISI Registration for Submersible Pump IS 8034: 2002
by Shamshad Alam on 2024-06-13

A submersible pump (also known as a sub pump or an electric submersible pump (ESP)) is a device with a hermetically sealed motor that is close-coupled to the pump body.