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How To Start A Cosmetic Manufacturing Business
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-09-18

Now, imagine the scope of the cosmetic manufacturing business in India that is yet to revolutionize Today's makeup industry.

BIS Registration for Electrical Mouse
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-09-08

If so, then understanding the importance of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) registration for electrical mouse is essential. By achieving BIS certification, your products will not only meet the safety standards set by the Indian government but also gain the trust of international buyers.

GST on Gold: Effects of Gold GST Rate in India 2023
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-08-23

Starting in 2023, the GST on gold in India will be a fixed percentage of 4%, which is a departure from the current method of calculating Gold GST based on the weight and purity of the sold gold.

GMP Certificate for Pharmaceutical Companies
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-08-09

If a pharma company does not possess GMP Certification in India now, then the government will initiate appropriate action against the business, and its licence for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products will be suspended.

How to Get BIS Certification In India
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-05-11

Multiple schemes of BIS provide certification for various products. The process is simple and you can apply for this certification online through the web portal managed by BIS.

New Drug Approval Rules by CDSCO
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-04-12

CDSCO is responsible for approving drugs, conducting clinical trials, setting standards for drugs, ensuring the quality of imported drugs, and coordinating with State Drug Control Organizations to enforce the Drugs and Cosmetics Act.