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Salary Slip Format In Excel, Word, PDF, PaySlip Format Online
by Dheeraj Budhori on 2023-02-27

It is a small paper which is used to record the salaries of employees. It is also known as pay slip in some countries.

Job Offer Letter Format With Word And PDF Templates Download
by Surbhit Sharma on 2022-07-19

After a candidate has been chosen for the position, he is provided with an offer letter. In the letter, it is made clear that he will be eligible for the wage package, title, department, and other perks if he joins the organization.

Rajasthan Jan Soochna Portal: Schemes and Eligibility Details
by Dheeraj Budhori on 2023-05-05

Various schemes are operated from time to time by the Government of Rajasthan to benefit the citizens of the state. This time a unique portal has been started by the government, name is Rajasthan Public Information Portal.

Procedure for the Re-issue of Passport in Case of Lost/damaged
by Aastha . on 2022-07-19

Passport is an official document that defines your nationality, it is issued by the government to certify individual citizenship and identity. It enables passport holders to travel to other countries.

New Form 15G in Word Format | Download Form 15G in Word and PDF Format
by Dheeraj Budhori on 2023-02-27

PF Withdrawal Form 15g is a document that is used by the applicant who wants to withdraw his or her PF.

Latest Marriage Biodata Formats | Biodata Format for Marriage Download in Word and PDF
by Dheeraj Budhori on 2023-02-27

Marriage Biodata Format pdf is a very important document which needs to be prepared for the purpose of filling up all details about the couple who are going to marry.