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EPR Authorization for Coin Slot Machines

EPR Authorization for Coin Slot Machines are a way to use for entertainment purposes. These machines let people play a short game by putting in a coin.

EPR Authorization for Sports Equipment with Electric or Electronic Components

Sports Equipment with electrical and electronic components are also classified as TLSEW5 under the e-waste management rules of 2022..

EPR Authorization for Computers for Biking, Diving, Running, and Rowing

These devices are electrical and electronic equipment and are required to get the EPR Authorisation for Computers for Biking, Diving, Running, and Rowing.

EPR Authorization for Video Games

Video Games are electronic devices made for kids to play games on. They come in various designs and models to fulfil the needs of different consumers.

EPR Authorization for Handheld Video Game Consoles

If you are producing handheld video game consoles, you need to ensure that you are manufacturing the same according to the rules and restrictions imposed by the e-waste management rules of 2022.

EPR Authorization for Electrical Trains or Car Racing Sets

Electric trains and car racing sets are toys, leisure and sports equipment that run on electricity and produce e-waste at the end of their life.

EPR Authorization for Tools for Mowing or Other Gardening Activities

Mowing and gardening tools are used to maintain a garden and perform day-to-day activities relating to the land and plantation.

EPR Authorization for Equipment for Spraying, Spreading, Dispersing or Other Treatment of Liquid or Gaseous Substance by Other Mans

Equipment that is manufactured to use the liquid or gaseous matter in a certain way using electric power is categorised in this section coded as EETW7.

EPR Authorization for Tools for Welding, Soldering, or Similar Use

Some electrical tools are used for welding and soldering. The basic object of these tools is to connect two elements together using the heat generated through electricity.

EPR Authorization for Tools for Riveting, Nailing or Screwing or Removing Rivets, Nails, Screws or Similar Uses

Riveting, Nailing and Screwing tools are used to perform various mechanical activities. These devices run on electricity and contribute to the e-waste accumulation which has to be dealt with due care and caution to ensure environmental health and public safety.

EPR Authorization for Various Equipment for Processing of Wood, Metal and Other Materials

The fourth category in the electrical and electronic tools includes various equipment that are used to process various types of material including wood, metal etc.