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Mandatory Use of Marathi Language on Mumbai Shops Sign Boards
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-12-22

The overarching issue revolves around the civic body's mandate in Mumbai, requiring businesses to display their names in Marathi Devnagari script. The inspection of over three thousand establishments uncovered 176 businesses failing to comply with this rule. This linguistic transition is rooted in an amendment to the Maharashtra Shop and Establishment Act, which extended its applicability to include smaller businesses with less than ten employees. Amid the confusion, business owners are not sure about the effective order to date and the civic body is issuing notice to the businesses not complying with the order.

UP Bans Halal Certified Products with Immediate Effect
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-12-22

UP government mentioned the ban on halal-certified food items, leading to manufacture, storage, distribution, and sale with immediate effect.

CDSCO: 6-Month Extension To Medical Device Manufacturers For Imports
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-10-19

According to the latest news, the Indian government has recently advertised the idea of a six-month extension to the importers or manufacturers about the risks associated with medical devices, including those, who have already applied for the licenses.

The Government Accepts Over 10 Thousand MSME Claims Worth Rs 256cr Refunds
by Hansika Bhardwaj on 2023-09-27

Indian Government has acknowledged and accepted approximately 10,000 claims from micro, small, and medium enterprises under the Vivad se Vishwas-I Scheme. These claims amount to a refund of around RS 256 Crores.

Exploring GBA's Impact on Climate Change Mitigation through Biofuels
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-09-13

The Prime Minister of India, Mr Narendra Modi launched the Global Biofuel Alliance during the G20 Summit organised in New Delhi, India. India, during its presidency, led the way forward for a sustainable solution to the energy demand and supply problem and advocated the use of biofuel as a competitive alternative against fossil fuels

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill (DPDP Act 2023)
by Yash Chauhan on 2023-08-28

The Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 defines various new terms that have to be understood to properly grasp the provisions of DPDP Bill 2023.