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Law Updates

Guidelines for Application Form Seeking One-Time Grant Capital for Setting up of Paddy Straw Based Palletisation and Torrefaction Plant

Department: CPCB

Authority: CPCB


Guidelines for Application Form from Seeking One-Time Grant/Capital for Setting up of Paddy Straw-Based Palletisation and Torrefaction Plant

CTE (Pellet/Torrefied Pellet Manufacturing Facility Setup Plant) Is The Mandatory Document For The Same.

Checklist for applications submitted for availing financial support under the guidelines

  • The guidelines are applicable to Individuals/entrepreneurs/companies, who set up new Units set up after the release of guidelines, i.e. after 13.10.2022.
  • Applicants whose CTE for setting up a paddy straw-based torrefaction/pelletization unit was submitted before 13.10.2022, but is still pending are also eligible for availing financial support under the guidelines.
  • The proposed units should use only paddy straw generated in the NCT of Delhi, States of Punjab & Haryana, and NCR districts of Rajasthan & Uttar Pradesh
  • The following documents need to be submitted (through the portal) for availing of financial support under the guidelines:
  1. Duly filled application form (applicant particulars & technical and financial details about the proposed unit, including invoice/quotation for plant machinery.
  2. Copy of the application submitted to SPCB/PCC for obtaining Consent to Establish.
  3. Land possession letter/lease agreement.
  4. Undertaking for non-receipt of financial assistance for pelletization plant from other Govt. funds