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Law Updates

Scheme X Covered Under BIS Scheme

Department: BIS

Authority: BIS Scheme X


In the recent update from BIS received on 17th March 2022, the amendment against the old regulation of Conformity Assessment 2018 was issued.

The Conformity Assessment Amendment Regulation 2022 includes the introduction of a new scheme that is BIS Scheme X. The main highlights of the issued amendment are

  • The Bureau may grant a certificate of conformity instead of a licence in case the product is not desired to be manufactured on a continuous basis and in such a case, the manufacturer shall not be authorised to use the Standard Mark.
  • The manufacturer may opt for a demonstration of conformity of the management system to the specified requirements given in standard  
  • Each product or the package or both shall be marked with the Standard Mark in case of licence
  • The licence shall be granted initially for not less than three years and up to six years