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Product Regulatory Compliance Service

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EPR Authorization for Sewing Machines

Sewing machines are used to sew clothes and other materials which can be cut in a particular shape and given a purpose of usage after strategically sewing the same.

EPR Authorization for Saws

A saw is a sharp piece of equipment which is used to cut raw material in such a shape to make it usable as intended.

EPR Authorization for Drills

Drills are used to make holes in the walls, wood and like purposes. Drills run on electricity and use a fast-moving drill to pierce through the material you want to make a hole in.

EPR Authorization for Electronic Display Panels

Electronic display panels, boards and other units are widely used in advertising. You can notice them easily at public places like metro stations and markets.

EPR Authorization for Electric Kettle

Electric Kettle is an electronic device that is used to boil liquids like water, tea, milk etc. This device runs on electricity and uses electrical components that may be harmful to the environment.

EPR Authorization for Electric Shaver

Electric Shaver is an electronic device, popularly known as a trimmer. It is widely used by men for beard trimming. Electric Shaver runs on electricity and comes in both variants- battery-based and direct electric power based.

EPR Authorization for Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer is an electronic device which is used for hairdressing. It is a handheld device which blows hot air. This is powered by electricity and uses electronic components that may be harmful to nature.

EPR Authorization for Indoor Air Purifier

Indoor Air Purifiers are electronic devices that purify indoor air like in a room or hall by removing the contaminants from air.

EPR Authorization for All Appliances Which Deliver Automatically all Kinds of Products

Apart from the above-mentioned dispensers, there are some other devices too which deliver goods in the same manner based on an electrically powered mechanic.

EPR Authorization for Automatic Dispensers for Money

Automatic Dispensers for Money are also qualified as electrical and electronic equipment. They use electricity as a power source and contain components that may be harmful to the environment if not disposed of properly.

EPR Authorization for Automatic Dispensers for Solid Products

Automatic Dispensers for Solid Products are electrical and electronic equipment used to deliver solid products to customers saving manpower.