The Best Business Ideas for Stay-at-Home Moms & Dads

An employee may be working in a corporate setup for years but he/she has to raise children also, then it becomes very difficult to manage home and office simultaneously. Working from home allows the parents to be around their kids while working. 

Following are the Home-Based Business Ideas for Work-At-Home Businesses

Technical businesses

If an individual is computer literate and has formal education in computer sciences, he can become App developer, web designer, social media manager, graphics designers etc. There are so many other technical businesses that can be run from home using the advantage provided by information technology.

Child care

If a parent is staying at home and looking after kids, then they can also do the same with the others’ kids and earn some money while doing that.

Professional businesses

If an individual have a formal education and/or professional certifications, he may choose to offer his services as a public Notary, travel agent, aesthetician, hairdresser, massage therapist, bookkeeper, telecoaching/ business coaching or as a ghost writer.


A stay-at-home mom or dad can also provide tutoring services for music instruments like guitar, table, sitar etc or he/she can offer simple home tuitions for elementary or middle school students. 

Sports instructor

If someone has learned and practiced a particular sport during his earlier days and if he has a house which can be converted into a training arena, becoming a yoga, Pilates, or martial arts instructor might be a great home-based business idea for him.

Making and repairing

An individual may also run a small repair business from his home. All the repair jobs from a small engine repair and car repair to repairing shoes or tennis rackets can be done from home.

Tailoring and alterations

If a stay-at-home dad or mom has some kind of cloth stitching experience, he/she may undertake tailoring and alterations as means to earn while staying in house. 

Crafts and arts businesses

If a stay-at-home mom or dad has any kind of artistic inclinations which he/she can convert into a sellable product or service, then he/she can sell every type of their creations online through his own website or through sites such as eBay and Etsy. 

Bed and breakfast (B&B)

If an individual is residing in an area that people from other areas often visit, he can offer the services of Bed and Breakfast which could be a great work at home option and it will also allow him to pay his bills and other expenses.


With the unabated use of artificial ammonia-based fertilizers in our farming processes, some people are fast becoming aware of the benefits of organic food, for which they are willing to pay high price. The organic farming as a stay-at-home business option can prove to be very fulfilling and commercially viable option for stay-at-home parents. 


There are so many retail businesses that can be turned into work-at-home businesses if the area of the home and 
location is suitable for this kind of business activity. An individual can choose any of the Frame shop, Garden supplies, Garden nursery, Arts supplies, Art gallery, Clothes consignment store, Pet supplies, Tack shop, Scrap yard, Granite counter tops and Sports equipment.


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