What is the role of FSSAI license in herbalife?

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There is constant pressure on the governments all over the world to increase the per capita income of their subjects. They are working night and day along with private sector to achieve this goal. The result is that the developing economies in BRICS Countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are growing at a rapid pace. The subjects of these economies are working very hard to upgrade their incomes and their lifestyles. To do that, employees have reduced the time and efforts dedicated for a good health and instead they are devoting this energy to meet their professional commitments. 

An individual need to have a proper and balanced nutritional diet which provides the required fuel for the routine activities and to maintain his health. But most people are so engrossed in their work that they skip their meal or take junk food which do not provide the sufficient nutrition.  This has resulted in increasing instances of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other lifestyle related diseases. Some people undergo allopathic treatment for their illnesses while others take various energy drinks and health supplements with their meals to fulfill the energy requirement of their body. In the last few years, the demand for these kind of products has exploded with an increase in the consumption of such products. Numerous companies are offering a complete range of such products so that customers can meet their daily nutritional needs. 


How to get FSSAI food License for Herbalife in India?

The FSSAI import license is vital as well as all the importer companies should apply for the License as offered under the act. The importer has to take the NOC (No argument certification) from FSSAI to import any kind of food in India. The company can check out the website to get the license online. If the business meets all the requirements as called for after that they are offered with the License by the statutory authority.


Procedure for FSSAI Registration
Our Expert team will draft & file the application with the FSSAI Department & will follows-up with FSSAI Department. For more information contact our customer care on +91 7558 640 644 or



Role and Significance of FSSAI

In 2006, the Parliament of Union of India passed an act called FSS Act 2011 (Food Safety & Standards Act 2011). To execute and enforce this law, Food Safety & Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was promulgated. It is an apex regulatory body mandated to develop, certify and implement processes for food safety and nutrition. The consumers now a days have become more aware of their health and want to ensure that the food product they are consuming is free from adulteration, contamination and is prepared with the basic hygienic standards. For this reason the consumer awareness is increasing and they purchase only those food products which are FSSAI approved. So, it has become mandatory for the Food Business operators to get their product approved and the get license to commence their food business or manufacturing, distribution, sales and importing food products in India.

The FSSAI provides the licenses to thosefood products only that are good for health, high in quality and will not affect the health of the customer.  For this purpose, FSSAI laid down standards to avoid the chances of any sort of violation that can be caused by the food products and affect the health of the citizens. 


Today, the majority of consumer have become wellness conscious and prior to acquiring a food they ensure that the food product they are consuming is free from contamination, adulteration and also prepared by preserving the hygienic standards. Given that customers are ending up being a lot more aware so they favor to buy an item that is authorized by the FSSAI. For the factor, it is necessary for the Food Business operators to get the item approval as well as the license to start Food Company or manufacture, distribute, seller and also import herbal foodstuff in India. FSSAI food license for Herbalife is essential.


The FSSAI ensure that the business obtain the License and offers the licenses to just those food which are good for wellness, and also are of top quality, and will certainly not harm the wellness of the citizens of the country. There are a number of requirements laid down by FSSAI to stay clear of the chances of any type of offense that can be brought on by the food and also influence the health and wellness of the citizens. For the reason, prior to the consumption of the food out there, every item goes through a careful quality check and then just gets the License for import.


If the company is not able to meet the FSSAI requirements and give adequate documents for safety and security assessment, then the firm's product can be denied by the authority. In the previous few years, the food items of many top businesses were declined because of the visibility of the active ingredients that are risky for intake and also did not match the food safety and security conformity. For the reason, the companies require to follow the FSSAI standards purely to obtain the permit and also product authorization before launching it directly on the market. Likewise, FSSAI is formulated to make certain the safety of all customers. For the factor, FSSAI additionally penalizes the business that do not complies with the policies and accomplish the requirements as stated in the act.

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