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Guidance for Filing Applications for Extended Producer Responsibility India (EPR)-Authorization


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Name and Full Address along with Telephone Numbers, E-Mail and Other Contact Details of Producer (It should be the place from where sale in entire country is managed)

  • Provide the company name along with the Postal Address, Telephone Address, Mobile Numbers, and e-mail Id.
  • The Postal Address has to be the address of Head/Main Office/ Corporate Office, which has the control over sales in the country and also of the concerned section, which deals with matters related to E-Waste.

Name of the Authorized person and Full Address with E-Mail, Telephone and Fax Number

  • Provide name of the Authorized Person along with his Full Postal Address, E-Mail Id, Mobile Number and Landline Number.
  • It is always better to have alternate Authorized persons and his/her required details.

Name, Address and contact details of producer Responsibility Organization, if any with full address, E-mail, Telephone and Fax Number if engaged or implementing the Extended Producer Responsibility.

  • Applicable only if Producer engages a PRO else say “Not Applicable”.
  • Only the registered PROs shall be engaged.

Details of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment placed in market year-wise for the period equivalent to its average End-of-Life as mentioned in the guidelines issued by the Central Pollution Control Board

  • Applicant has to provide information of only those items, which he/she has been placing on market. For the Items not being sold the Applicant has to fill “Not Applicable/ NA”
  • In case the sale records destroyed/lost/untraceable; place an undertaking provided such claims are supported with, where they shall specify the approximate quantity placed on market

General Scheme of Collection

  • Brief write-up on a scheme for Pan India collection of E-Waste. This write up shall specify methods envisaged or collection of E-Waste from various End Users.
  • Scheme may include collection centres/ reverse logistic service provider/ Courier Service/PROs/Etc.
  • Name, Address and Contact Numbers of all the Collection Centres/ Reverse Logistic Service Provider/ Courier Service/ Etc.
  • Provision of Toll Free numbers for consumers to help them in sending their E-Waste. The number should be specified in application.
  • Provide details of Buy-Back /Exchange / DRS/ Any Other Collection Schemes.

Channelization of E-Waste and its flow chart

  • Provide write-up on movement of E-Waste from collection onwards to the premises of Authorized dismantler or recycler.
  • In case of used fluorescent lamps, movement from collection centre to TSDF.
  • Provide a schematic flow chart showing movement of E-Wastes various points starting from collection onwards till it reaches Authorized dismantler or recycler.

Website Information

  • Website link should be provided in the application along with a screenshot that shows the content of E-Waste management-related details.
  • Details of content related to collection mechanisms of E-Waste such as details of all collection schemes.
  • Toll-Free number on Web Page.
  • Website link has to be on the home page at a prominent place on the producer’s website.

Estimated Budget for Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and allied initiatives to create consumer awareness

  • Provide proposed financial allocation with following breakup;
  • Awareness Programmes
  • Schemes of Collection
  • Channelization (Including Cost of Reverse Logistics)


Get help from an experienced legal adviser. Schedule your consultation at a time that works for you and it's absolutely FREE.

Corpseed Admin
Corpseed Admin