5S Consulting & Implementation Services

5S is a management method which is employed to efficiently and effectively manage a workplace, be it manufacturing or services, by identification and storage of all the items required, the exact place and color code of each item and making efforts to sustain this process with continuous improvement

HRM Information System Consulting

HRM Information Consulting is a process by which complete automation of all the processes and activities are performed so that an organization could use technology to transform its business process.

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma is a management consulting method under which companies try to extract maximum productivity with minimum resources by defining and implementing process specific methodology.

PMS Consulting

A Project Management System contains description of cost estimations, task schedules, cost control & budget management, resource allocation, quality assurance, risk assessment and provisioning and MIS (Management Information System) for decision making and planning.


QMS Consulting

Quality Management Systems Consulting is done to continually improve management, products or services, documentation, processes and whole systems to enable the company to survive and excel in the present business environment of cut throat competition.

RPA Consulting

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a consulting methodology that involves designing, building, training, operation and management of software bots which can perform repetitive and predictable human tasks using computer software.

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