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FSSAI Basic Registration | Renewal

If you’re planning to start a food-related business like Manufacturer, wholesaler, Retailer, Repacker, Distributor, Transporter, you must obtain a food license (FSSAI) before starting operations. If your business expected/actual turnover is less then Rs.12 lakh, FSSAI Basic Registration would best suit your business.

Eating House License

Eating house license is to be obtained for operating a shop/ restaurant /dhaba/ bar /club etc. A food business operator has  to apply for this license to the City/State Police Headquarters or the Police Commissioner.

Factory | Health Trade | Trade License

Transfer/handover of goods and services from one entity or person to another in exchange for money is known as Trade. An individual/Group who are planning to start a new business needs to get the Trade License from their respective Municipal Committee.

License for Playing Music in a Restaurant/Public Place

A music license with a performing rights organization only allows you to perform copyrighted music represented by that organization. ... Many songs often have multiple songwriters, composers, and publishers, each of which may belong to a different performing rights organization.

Extended Producer Responsibility Authorization | EPR License | EPR Certificate | EPR Online Documentation

Extended producer Responsibility deals under E-Waste (Management and handlings) Rules 2011, wherein producers of electrical or electronics equipment, are held accountable to manage such equipment after its “End of life & As per environmental policy, the stated producer has the responsibility for reducing environmental impact and managing the product and their waste, are extended  across the whole life cycle of the product

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Environmental impact assessment is an instrument to evaluate the consequences of establishment of new project or expansion of project related to industries, mining, pipeline, highway etc

Central Ground Water Authority CGWA | CGWB NOC for Tube Wells & Water Boring

Central Ground Water Authority has been constituted under section 3 (3) of the Environment (protection) Act, 1986 to regulate and control development and management of ground water resources in the country.

State Pollution Control Board CTE/CTO/Authorization

Epidemiological studies have established a close relationship between exposure to ambient air pollution and morbidity and mortality from cardiopulmonary diseases. Air pollution is a complex mixture of various gases, particulates, hydrocarbons, and transition metals.

Ayush Manufacturing License

Ayurveda is an ancient healing therapy that enhances longevity, it’s also known as “Science of life”. Ayurveda is one of the ancient surviving medical systems in the world started almost around 5000 years agoUnani Medicine is considered as the science and art of healing

Dot Osp License

Other Service Provider (OSP) means a company providing Application Services. Applications Services means providing services like Tele-Banking, Tele-Medicine, Tele-Education, Tele-Trading, E-Commerce, Call Centre, network operation centre and other IT Enabled Services, by using Telecom Resources provided by Authorized Telecom Service Providers.

Non-STPI Registration

Any company/partnership firm/proprietorship, which is into development of Export-oriented Computer Software/IT Enabled Services, can register itself as NON-STP unit under STPI to avail Softex certification.

STPI Registration

Software Technology Parks of India has played a seminal role in accomplishing this status. Today, Software Technology Parks of India across over the country are synonymous with excellent Infrastructure and Statutory support aimed at furthering growth of Information Technology in the country.

Introduction to Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) Authorization

Producer Responsibility Organization referred to as 'PRO'. Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) policies recently introduced by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board). PRO legislation deals with end plastic goods management and recyclable of the goods. The increasing consumption of a range of complex durable goods over the years has caused serious environmental problem. Proper handling/ management of the waste produced has been a matter of serious alarm for policy makers. The authorities recently introduced policy for producers of these goods to be responsible for their end of-life management. Such producer’s may also choose to delegate this responsibility to a third party who is authorized by CPCB department,

How To Get A Bar License In India | How To Get Bar Licence in India

If one wants to operate a bar, he'll need to apply for a bar license. A bar license allows you to sell alcohol for consumption on the licensed premises, but it does not allow gaming or take-away liquor. This liquor license allows a maximum of 100 customers, over the age of 18, on the premises during trading hours.

Trademark Registration

We know you have worked very hard to finalized a name / logo / tagline for your business. Let’s Protect it from unauthorized use. Trademark can be an asset to the owner as the owner can sell, franchise or permit other companies to use it. While doing so, owner can ask for royalty or price for its registered trademark.


Copyright is a legal right that protects the use of creator's work once the idea has been physically expressed. Copyright law sets out procedures & rules around how that work can be used. It protects the rights of the owner, as well as the responsibilities of other people who want to use the owner’s work.

Patent/Provisional Patent Registration

A patent is a legal protection that permits its holder, for a limited period, the right to exclude others from misusing (making, using, selling, importing) the patented invention, except with the agreement of the owner of the patent. Indian patents have a maximum lifespan of twenty years. To maintain a patent in force, a small annual renewal fee must be paid each year from the third year.

Logo Design

A logo is a graphical element in the form of a symbol, ideogram, icon, sign, crest, an emblem that collectively form a memorable design that is used to represent a business or enterprise. Generally, a logo design is meant for instant recognition

GST Registration/Periodic filings

After registration under Goods And Services Tax (GST) Act, an individual can do business anywhere in India. This is applicable to businesses with turnover greater than INR 20 lakhs (For North Eastern and hill states Rs 10 lakhs). However, an individual can also enroll under GST voluntarily if turnover is less.

MSME/SSI/Udyog Aadhar Registration

MSME / SSI registration is required for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises to avail various incentives, subsidies etc. provided under the MSME / SSID Act. Although getting MSME / SSI online registration is not mandatory but it’s always suggested to get registered under MSME / SSI for various benefits provided by the government.

Import - Export Code (IEC)/New/Modification/Duplicate

Import/export code (IEC) as the name suggests, is a 10-digit code issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to carry out the import of goods/services in India and export of goods/Services from India.

RERA Registration

The Real Estate Regulation & Development (RERA) Act, 2016 is an Act to protect home-buyers as well as help to enhance investments in the real estate industry. RERA Act 2016 came into force from 1 May 2016.

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care Providers (NABH)

National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Health Care Providers is committed to support improvement of quality of health care services in our country for all class of population through various methodologies and tools to supplement the efforts of the providers of healthcare services and requirements of the system at various levels

Startup India Registration

Startup India is launched in order to grow Indian economy and attract potential entrepreneurs. Startup India program helps the ease of doing business in India. More than 2,74,798 startups have been recognized as qualified for benefits under the scheme till now. Some of the main benefits of this program include Tax exemption for start-ups for any consecutive  three years,  reduced fees for trademark  and patent registration, a 90-day business closure process and many more.

Spice Board Registration

The Spices Board is the Indian government regulatory and export promotion agency for Indian spices. Spices Board was constituted in 1987 under with the merger of the erstwhile Cardamom Board (1968) and Spices Export Promotion Council (1960). And have the responsibility of production/development of cardamom and export promotion of 52 spices shown in the schedule of the Act.


BIS is the National Standard Body of India established under the BIS Act 2016 for the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of goods and for matters connected therewith or incidental there to. BIS has been providing traceability and tangibility benefits to the national economy in a number of ways – providing safe reliable quality goods; minimizing health hazards to consumers; promoting exports and imports substitute; control over the proliferation of varieties etc. through standardization, certification and testing.

NSIC Registration in India | NSIC Certificate | NSIC Registration Online

Fire NOC | Fire NOC Renewal in Delhi - Haryana - Uttar Pradesh - Mumbai & Bangalore

The NOC for Fire Department is issued by the respective states fire service that verifies and checks the resistance of the building or that the building can observe any fire-related accidents. As soon as all the guidelines are covered, the fire department will issue the NOC for the residential/commercial building of the applicant. The guidelines may vary from state to state.

NABL Accreditation | NABL Certificate | Scope | Benefits | Validation Method | Procedure

National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories (NABL) is a society providing Recognition (Accreditation) of Technical competency of a testing, calibration, medical laboratory & Proficiency testing provider (PTP) & Reference Material Producer (RMP) for a selected scope of standards.

Collective Investment Scheme Registration

According  to section 11AA (2) of SEBI act, any scheme or arrangement made or offered by any company under which the contributions, or payments made by inventors, are pooled underutilised with a view to receive profits, income, produce or property & is managed on behalf of the investors is a Collective Investment Scheme.

Depository Participant Registration | Procedure | Fee | Eligibility | Documentation

The depository is an organization which holds securities (like share, Debentures, Bonds, Government Securities, Mutual Funds Units etc) of investors in electronic form at the request of the investors through a registered depository participant. It also provides services related to transactions in securities. In India there are two Depositories Central depository services limited (CDSL) & National securities depository limited (NSDL)

SEBI Registrars to an Issue and Share Transfer Agents Registration | Registrar and Transfer Agent | Share Transfer Agent Registration

Registrar to an issue” means the person appointed by a body corporate or any person or group of persons to carry on the following activities on its or his or their behalf-Collecting applications from investors in respect of an issue,Keeping a proper record of applications and monies received from investors or paid to the seller of the securities.


The person or institutions underwriting a public issue of shares or debentures are called underwriters. Underwriters may be individuals, partnership firms or joint stock companies.In this we have discussed about the various processes of underwriter.

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