Revival of Struck Off Companies

Struck off companies are those companies which are not been filing their annual compliances for a couple of years or more. Such companies are therefore considered (by RoC) not to carrying on their business.

Add/Remove Directors or Partners

Director of a company is a person delegated by the shareholders to manage the activities of the company. Legally it’s advisable to make any change in the Board of Directors (BD) of a company as per the provisions given in the Companies Act of 2013. The need for change in director of a company must be duly

Change in Registered Office

If you want all your official communication and reminders to be sent to a different address apart from what was mentioned at the time of incorporation, then changing registered office address will solve your query. You can change your registered address within the same state or to a different state.

Company Share Transfer

Ownership of a company is with the shareholders of that company. Transfer of ownership to any person or entity can be initiated by the process of relocating shares of the company to that person or entity. Before transferring shares to any outside entity or person, it’s mandatory to review the AoA of the Company

Increase in Authorized Capital

An increase in authorized capital can be possible by issuing new shares and/or inducing more capital into the Company. The common authorized capital of the Company is declared in the Memorandum of Association and is basically Rs. 1 lakh. An organization can increase the authorized capital at any time with the consent

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