FSSAI Registration of Small Food Business Owners

Registration and Licensing of Food Business 

All Food Business Operators in the country will be registered in accordance with the procedures laid down hereinafter; 

1.1    Kind of business considered for Registration: 

1.    Permanent/Temporary Stall holder
2.    Hawker (Itinerant / Mobile food vendor)
3.    Home based canteens/dabba wallas 
4.    Petty Retailer of snacks/tea shops 
5.    Manufacturer/Processor 
6.    Re Packer 
7.    Food stalls/arrangements in Religious gatherings, fairs etc 
8.    Milk producers (But are not member of dairy co-operative society)/ milk vendor Dhaba 
9.    Fish/meat/poultry shop/seller 

1.2    Registration of Petty Food Business 

(1) All the small /petty Food Business Operator shall register themselves with the Registering Authority by submitting an application for registration in Form A under Schedule 2 of FSSA Regulations along with a fee. 
(2) The small/petty food manufacturer has to follow the basic hygiene and safety requirements provided in Part I of Schedule 4 of these Regulations and provide a self attested declaration of adherence to these requirements with the application in the format provided in Annexure-1 under Schedule 2. 
(3) The Registering Authority shall consider the application and may either grant registration or reject it with reasons to be recorded in writing or issue notice for inspection, within 7 days of receipt of an application for registration. 
(4) In case, inspection being ordered, the registration shall be granted by the Registering Authority after being satisfied with the safety, hygiene and sanitary conditions of the premises as contained in Part I of Schedule 4 within a period of 30 days. 

If registration is not given or denied, or inspection not ordered within 7 days as provided in above sub regulation (3) or no decision is communicated within 30 days as provided in above sub regulation (4), the petty food manufacturer may start its business, provided that it will be incumbent on the Food Business Operator to comply with any improvement suggested by the Registering Authority even later. 
Provided that registration shall not be refused without giving the applicant an opportunity of being heard and for reasons to be recorded in writing. 

(5) The Registering Authority will issue a registration certificate and a Identity card, which shall be displayed at a prominent place at all times within the premises or vehicle or on cart or any other place where the person is carrying on sale/manufacture of food in case of Petty Food Business. 
(6) The Registering Authority/any officer/agency specially authorized for the above mentioned purpose shall carry out food safety inspection of the registered establishments at least once in a year. 
 Provided that a milk producer who is a registered member of a dairy Cooperative Society registered under Cooperative Societies Act and supplies or sells the entire milk to the Society shall be exempted from this provision for registration. 

1.3. The individual must be registered as a member of the Cooperative Society:

Such individuals will not undertake to manufacture, sell and supply food products on their own or under their own brand. Each of the members shall supply and sell their entire production to the Cooperative Society only.
The Cooperative societies registered under the ‘Co-operative Societies Act’, have to obtain the registration for its manufacturing unit, wherein processing of the food is undertaken, under FSS Act 2006. The cooperative society will be completely responsible for complying with the conditions of the license as laid down in FSS (Licensing and Registration of Food Business) Regulations 2011 for all its registered members.
If a registered/ licensed Co-operative Society is seeking exemption from registration for its independent FBOs members then they are required to submit a list of registered members and their particulars to the competent authority. The list must be updated at all times. They also have to display a copy of their license/ registration certificate in a prominent place in their licensed/ registered co-operative premises.    

Documents required for FSSAI Basic REgistration

• Photo of Food Business Operator
• Document for Identity Proof like Ration Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, Aadhar Card, Senior Citizen Card, Department Issued ID
• Supporting Documents (if any):- NOC by Municipality/Panchayat, Health NOC

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